God's wisdom isn't always within our grasp. For example, an angel arrives, with a message, that the end is near. Immediately, you have two problems to surmount:
  • meaning - what was God thinking when he arrived at this date? What Biblical numbers did He use to decide when the battle would come?
  • credibility - predictions of the end of times from false prophets appear almost weekly; how is your message to the faithful going to reach through the noise, and inspire all life on earth for the coming good news?
When God chooses you to alert the world that the end is near, how will you know what He was thinking when he arrived at the date? How will you alert humanity to the coming good news?

To look up scriptures that inspired the Lord's date for Armageddon, set the date on the controls below and tap Scriptures.
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Now, YOU can augment the credibility of God's foretelling about the end of days. Steps:

Warning: predictions of armageddon for dates that have past may adversely affect your credibility as a spiritual advisor.

biblestudy.org - meaning of numbers in bible
carm.org - biblical numerology
patriot.net - ministries
PHP - calendar algorithms
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